Saturday 15 December 2018
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Wollwerth Imagery

Wollwerth Imagery offers edgy and original photography for the client that desires a fresh look for their wedding or journalism work.

      John Wollwerth, owner of Wollwerth Imagery,  has not only the imagination, but also the aptitude and attitude to get that one shot which will be remembered long after the others are forgotten. He has, among other things, climbed to the top of a bridge, and jumped in the water alongside his subject to capture what is out of the ordinary.

     When asked about his unique style of photography, John replies, “When people describe me, they might say I’m a little odd. I have strange tastes in music and movies, and just generally walk against the grain in most things. I can be a bit A.D.D. as well. But I think people would also agree that I’m an independent thinker, and I see things differently. The combination of these things with an artistic eye is part of what defines my work.

     Whether it is setting a fruit covered hat on fire with someone wearing it, or shooting wedding pictures from the back of a moving vehicle, expect something different and original from me. I expect excellence from myself, and I strive to make each job I do better than the one before.”

         As a photographer, John explains, “I especially enjoy taking environmental portraits of a single person because of the creative latitude I have when shooting one person. Of course I love photographing weddings. I also really like the challenge of journalism photography because of all the opportunities of finding and creating something different.”

     John says, “Weddings are exciting because you only have one chance to get it right!” And many brides and grooms attest to the fact John has indeed gotten their photographs right. On his website you can see numerous photos that capture the moments and the memories that are fleeting but yet make up the best part of ‘the big day.’

     John has been on several mission trips to South Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia. “Each trip has been a life changing experience. It has given me a very different perspective on how much we have here and how much we take for granted. Going overseas has also taught me a lot about our own culture. It has also brought certain aspects of my photography to a new level, being able to capture things as they are.”

     John came to Beaufort twelve years ago from South Dakota because, “I needed a change in life and wanted to pursue my career in professional photography here. I’m really blessed to be in Beaufort.

     It’s a beautiful place to live. It’s good to be near family, and I’ve made some great friends here.” It has also been a great place for John and his wife, Lynn,  to raise their three children, Gamaliel, 16, Abigail, 15 and Annabelle, 8.

     Besides being a featured in Beaufort Lifestyle, Wollwerth Imagery’s photographs have been published in The Washington Post, South Carolina Homes & Gardens, Coastal Living, and Hilton Head Monthly to name a few.

     John Wollwerth is an award winning photographer. He has won several photography awards including PPSC in 2011 and has been a finalist in national wedding photography contests.

      Whatever your occasion is, Wollwerth Imagery can capture your moment, or your wildest dream.