Thursday 24 January 2019
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Lazy Susan’s Cafe & Creperie

story by carol lauvray     photography by paul nurnberg

Looking for a delicious change of pace for breakfast or lunch instead of the usual fare? Then Lazy Susan’s Café & Creperie in the nearby Habersham community may be just the place you’ve been searching for! Nestled among the shops and restaurants in the quaint town center, Lazy Susan’s offers its signature crepes—very thin, light and airy pancakes—wrapped around a wide variety of savory and sweet fillings to satisfy every palate.

Signature Crepes

From menu favorites like the number-one-selling Huevos Rancheros crepes (jalapeno, sausage, bell peppers, avocado, egg, pico, and cheese, topped with a fried egg) and the French Englishman (tomato, bacon, cream cheese and egg), to newer offerings like the John Wayne (black forest ham, cream cheese, jalapeno and tomato) and the Vegetarian Rainforest crepe (bell pepper, mushroom, onion, spinach, tomato and pesto), these delicious crepes will tantalize your taste buds! Lazy Susan’s owner, Marine Captain Phillip “SUSAN” Goebel, says that he likes to give his crepes fun and interesting names, like the James Bond, Paris at Noon, and The Old Forge, which is named after his family’s creperie located in Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

But don’t forget dessert! For those who want to indulge their sweet tooth, try one of the sweet crepes—the Turtle (Nutella, caramel, sliced almond and sea salt), the Snickerdoodle (butter, cinnamon and sugar), the Honeymoon (Ghirardelli dark chocolate, whipped cream and almonds), or Carolina Summer (blueberry, chocolate, glazed pecan and whipped cream), to name just some of the possibilities! Your kids will love Lazy Susan’s too, where they can choose from these Kids Crepes selections—Pizza, Banana Crunch, and P, B & J.

Gourmet Coffees

And for coffee lovers, Lazy Susan’s serves its own special blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan and Honduran coffees, which soon will be sold as whole roasted beans at the restaurant so patrons can enjoy brewing it at home.  Phil says Lazy Susan’s blend, with its light roasted beans, is actually stronger and has more caffeine than darker roast coffees. The café also serves Ethiopian and decaffeinated brewed coffees, as well making all of their coffees using larger ground beans and a French Press, for those who prefer a more intense, full-flavored coffee experience. And you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee at the café in Le Creuset serve ware in colorful Marseilles Blue, Flame Orange or Cherry Red.

Weekends at Lazy Susan’s

Weekends are special at Lazy Susan’s—that’s when the café features one of its most popular dishes, Red Pepper Biscuits and Gravy. Be sure to come early to get yours, because the café sells out of it quickly on Saturdays and Sundays—it’s not offered during the week and you can’t call ahead to order it, so you’ll just have to get up early! Another popular feature at the café is the special Mimosas—8 ounces of champagne and orange juice, with just a splash of Grenadine for sweetness, served in a 12-ounce Pilsner glass. Phil, who used to bartend when in college, created the café’s signature drink, which happily is available every day the café is open. He notes that a traditional Mimosa is just 5 to 6 ounces, so you get a lot more to enjoy at Lazy Susan’s!

The café also celebrates the Habersham community’s First Friday (of the month) Habby Hour from 5 PM to 7 PM with specials. Recent offerings for the monthly event included cheese and chocolate fondue, a triple-decker grilled cheese, and a tomato-basil soup bread bowl. Plans are in the works for a Valentine’s Day Dessert Special at February’s First Friday Habby Hour, so mark your calendar now!

Winter Panini Specials at Lazy Susan’s

This winter, in addition to crepes, you can enjoy these features:

• Paris at Midnight Panini—Ham, Swiss and, Dijon mustard

• Green Goddess Panini—Avocado, spinach and pesto

• Caprese Panini—Tomato, mozzarella and balsamic glaze

• Pizza Panini—Pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara

• Sweet Bananas Panini—Bananas, Nutella and sugar

Winter Drink Specials

• Pumpkin Spice Latte

• Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

• Hot Caramel Apple cider

A Neighborhood Connection and Welcoming Atmosphere

Aside from the mouth-watering food and drinks, what makes Lazy Susan’s Café and Creperie a special place?  It’s the friendly atmosphere and staff who warmly welcome patrons. Phil and his staff personally greet folks when they enter the café and engage them in conversation—it’s more like a neighbor saying ‘hello’ than the owner of an establishment. Phil says that the Habersham neighborhood is very supportive of the businesses in the community and that it’s easy to get close with customers who patronize his café. The ambiance of the café welcomes guests too. It’s a cozy, comfortable space painted in warm yellow tones with turquoise accents—and filled with homey touches including a coffee-cup chandelier overhead. Phil has decorated the café with his personal collection of military photos and mementos as well. A Marine F/A-18 Pilot with VMFA (AW)-533 at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Phil, who has been deployed to Middle Eastern countries several times, greeted me for our interview in his leather flight jacket and uniform. He said he was leaving afterward to do training on a flight simulator and had flown a couple of days earlier, but emphasized that he would love to fly every day if he could.

Phil is quick to acknowledge his café staff, comprised almost entirely of Marines’ wives, for their outstanding work and support. “My staff has done an absolutely phenomenal job since we opened the café in July 2014, running the business in my absence for nearly a year while I was stationed at Camp Lejeune. Lazy Susan’s would not be the success it is now without the dedicated folks who work here,” he said. “They are amazing people, and the reason people return again and again.”

Coming Soon!

What’s next for Lazy Susan’s? Phil says he’s planning to expand soon into the mobile crepe-cart business at festivals, farmers’ markets, receptions, parties and showers. “I want to be able to bring Lazy Susan’s food to my customers wherever they are,” Phil exclaimed.

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