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Creations and Libations Art Studio and Gallery

Creations and Libations Art Studio and Gallery:
Arts, Crafts and Beyond

Carissa Doig and her husband John have lived in Beaufort for about three years. Carissa is a native of Connecticut. Moreover, the couple has babies, “fur babies”, that is, as they are avid humanitarians when it comes to rescuing animals. In fact, they have several of their own that came from local rescue shelters.
“We have a bunch of fur babies. I cannot say no to a rescue,” Carissa states.
Carissa has a noteworthy professional background. Prior to moving to the local area, she acquired a remarkable amount of career experience in the cosmetics industry, along with the digital marketing industry. This has enabled her to be successful in her present business endeavors as well. Earlier in her career, Carissa held positions as a manager, trainer, and area director for renowned national cosmetics corporations based in Canada, New York City, and California, which gave her priceless opportunities to showcase her talents in a variety of notable fashion shows all over the country. She was also involved in special FX makeup artistry on a number of B horror films.
“I loved it, and I learned so much” Carissa states.
Unfortunately, at only 24 years of age, Carissa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), after experiencing several plaguing symptoms of the disease. Over time, Carissa had several bouts with flare-ups of MS symptoms. She was unable to continue her travels all over the country and so she attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting with aspirations to be hired at a local TV station and become a professional make-up artist for anchors. Things took a swift turn when she unexpectedly “fell in love with radio.” Consequently, she was offered a rare career opportunity as the Digital Marketing Director at the well-known radio station, The Rock 106.9 WCCC. The radio station was a staple in the Rock N Roll industry, and made several appearances in the movie Private Parts.
Carissa laughs and says, “That was like working in a frat house every day, you never knew what was going to happen.” Interestingly enough, the station was sold some time later, and Carissa sought even more promising opportunities.
After visiting the Low Country with her husband, Carissa knew where she wanted to call home.
She remarks, “We came here, and I fell in love.”
Carissa resumed her career in digital marketing, but her illness continued to progress. Even so she still maintained her passion for life and she decided that she really wanted to “go back to her art roots.” She wanted to do something truly meaningful–she wanted “people to have fun and enjoy themselves while creating something beautiful.”
She is a proud supporter of the National MS Society, and wants those who struggle with the chronic illness to know that you should “never give up, never quit, keep moving, keep fighting. If plan ‘A’ doesn’t work out, move on to plan ‘B’, but keep going. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something.”
Carissa knew exactly what she wanted to do with her plan B. She explained her decision; “I woke up one morning and I couldn’t see. I had a flare up and lost vision in both of my eyes for about 3 months. Then I couldn’t move my right hand or arm. I couldn’t get my limbs to listen to my brain for months and I thought to myself, what if I can never paint or do makeup ever again?” She decided that she wanted to use her former experience and expertise to provide a one-of-a –kind experience for her customers. Creations and Libations is an art studio, “not an art school.” Carissa offers customers “a place to let loose and just have fun.” Whether painting, candle making , glass painting, or making melted crayon art, there are numerous activities to enjoy. “Black Light Paint Nights” are new and thrilling! All the lights are turned off, the music is turned up and the paint glows on your canvas. The studio is an all-in-one entertainment venue. Whether customers would like to get involved with any of the activities going on during the week or just relax and take a load off, Carissa prides herself in providing an establishment with a variety of value-added things on the menu.
Adult customers are able to partake in wine & paint occasions, which is often done with friends.  However, individuals are required to bring their own alcohol for consumption.
Carissa wants all individuals to enjoy the art sessions that are offered each week. Sessions will run six times per week: once on Thursdays, twice on Fridays and three times on Saturdays. The information is posted on their website and Facebook page.
Carissa welcomes the public to visit Creations and Libations for their various entertainment endeavors. She assures them that they will have a memorable time. Creations and Libations hosts an array of events including: birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, couple’s night out and much more. Basically, if it’s sought after, Carissa will try to make it happen.
“I love to see all the different things people create. We like to say that there are no mistakes in art, only discoveries,” Carissa says.
Creations and Libations offers its customers a truly unique experience. With her creativity and innovation, Carissa is looking forward to all that is in store for the future.

Creations and Libations
3B Market #1
Habersham Market Place
Beaufort, South Carolina 29906
FB: creationsandlibationsofthelowcountry

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