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Cora Bett Thomas

Sophisticated, elegant, chic. Successful, professional, knowledgeable. These attributes perfectly describe Cora Bett Thomas, a true Southern lady and real estate dynamo. Cora Bett started selling real estate in 1974, which lead to her founding her own company, Cora Bett Thomas Realty, in Savannah in 1994. After many successful years selling property along the “100 Mile Coast,” Cora Bett Thomas Realty opened an additional office in Beaufort in 2009, which continues to grow and thrive in today’s market.

Originally from Scotland Neck, a small town in Halifax County North Carolina, Cora Bett had a career in merchandise buying that brought her to Savannah, Georgia in the 1970s. Her life took a dramatic turn when, as she says, “I married an architect builder and we were buying blocks of property in Savannah. After a time we felt we could get better service by selling our property ourselves so I got my real estate license and I started making a living selling real estate from that time on.”

The “100 Mile Coast” includes the stretch of coastal Georgia and South Carolina known as the Lowcountry. Those who find themselves drawn to visit the Lowcountry soon find themselves drawn to live there. Within the “100 Mile Coast” are a variety of neighborhoods; each with their own distinctive appeal.

After decades of success, Cora Bett attributes her company’s longevity to their deep knowledge of the area and their personal way of doing business. She says, “Our business model is not what most do. We are extremely connected; we understand this hundred mile coast, which runs from Beaufort, South Carolina to the Florida line. Cora Bett Thomas Realty is a member of five Multiple Listing Services (MLS’s) covering Savannah, Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head and down to the Sea Islands of Georgia. Our office can sell anywhere in the area. We are a ‘one stop’ place because we really know this market.”

Cora Bett says the heart of her company’s philosophy is centered on the customer. She says, “An agent’s job is to interview the customer and find out what they like. Is it tennis? Gardening? There is so much more to ‘home’ than bricks and mortar. What is special about their home is the lifestyle. That is what we help our customers define and find.”

Beaufort is the jewel in the crown of the Eastern Seaboard

When asked ‘why Beaufort?’ Cora Bett says, “I loved it from the day we stopped here many years ago. Probably my favorite place in Beaufort  is the Point, it was the first place I visited and  I know  it well. But I really can’t pick just one because there are so many beautiful hidden, secret neighborhoods all over Beaufort! It is a very special place; it is a small town with sophistication. There is such a diverse population of people, from the military, to writers and tea rooms! There is some of everybody here and that is what makes it very special. Beaufort really offers everything.”

Why do people choose Beaufort?  She says, “It is a great small town, go in any direction and you will get something different. While working with our customers, we see they want what Beaufort has, which is essentially authentic living. It is all about a real community life.”

Cora Bett Realty is there for real estate shoppers, beyond the nuts and bolts, as Cora Bett says, “We will show you the ropes, and expose you to all the things Beaufort has to offer. We make the introductions. We take a customer and we make a friend. “

Your home will be featured on the very best web sites as we push our luxury home sales listings to over 150 websites.

“And we are invested in technology.” Says Cora Bett, “We offer cutting-edge technology and personalized support, Matterport 3D property views, and an in-house graphic design and marketing team. We have a very highly trafficked and sophisticated website, online marketing, and social media programs and support”. She says, “We are always open to additional agents that have the same work ethic and are caring about people. We are an ‘agent centric’ office, we utilize all the marketing tools available and we invest in our agents, which makes them extremely successful.”

Cora Bett continues, “I want the readers of Beaufort Lifestyle to know the agents, the special people who sell here. Our agents specialize in people. That is what this is all about; relationships are what the customer is all about. It is a people business.”

Cora Bett Thomas Realty & Associates has over 30 years of experience helping clients in Beaufort. Her team is the choice for your Beaufort South Carolina real estate needs.


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