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As you round the corner on Paris Avenue going into historic Port Royal, pass the Parkers gas station and then stop your car. Right there on the right, tucked into a small two-story grey building with white trim is the restaurant 1635 On the Avenue. There are several tables with red striped umbrellas and enough chairs for all your close friends to join you on the patio. And the parking is easy.

Or, go on inside if the summer heat is too much for you. There you will find a lovely and relaxing palette of grays, and pleasing striped fabric on the built-in banquette. The coastal feeling is enhanced with artwork by local favorite artist, Jonathan Greene, and a few other nautical pieces as well.  You will also notice the most important accoutrement to fine dining – there are white table cloths on all the indoor tables and charming mercury glass votive candle holders.

Wherever you choose to sit, peruse the menu carefully because the selection is unlike any place else in Beaufort. If your waistband has been a little snug lately, you’ll be pleased to know that you can sip something and choose from the small plates menu. A glass of white wine paired with the Steamed Mussels, which themselves are steamed in white wine, butter, garlic and served with crusty bread is a good diet selection, as are the Escargot, also cooked in white wine, butter, lemon, Parmesan cheese and served with crusty bread. These are particularly good choices if you happen to be a fan of white wine, butter and bread; but isn’t everyone?  If you’re feeling like something a bit more robust but still not an entire dinner, then try the Smoked Gouda Mac which is penne pasta, heavy cream, smoked Gouda and Parmesan cheeses, layered over crispy bacon pieces and, again, served with crusty bread. Or you can have salad: Cranberry Chicken Salad, Roasted Vegetable Salad, or a Large Green Salad, all served with choices of homemade salad dressings. Perhaps you’re more in the mood for the Tomato-Basil Pie which is puff pastry filled with roasted tomato, basil, Colby cheese, and cream cheese mixed with red onions and served with a green salad. A tall, cool, gin and tonic would be a great accompaniment to the Coastal Crab Cake or the Fish Tacos. Of course iced tea, coffee, Coke products, ginger ale and imported and domestic beers are offered along with a full list of wines and spirits.

Chef, and owner, Lorett Hayes, opened this restaurant with some serious background in this business in Pendleton SC. Lorett came into the restaurant business through the back door. “I thought I wanted to be in retail so I bought a building, I quickly decided I didn’t like sitting there waiting for people to come to me so my husband, Randy, had the idea to turn it into an old fashioned ice cream parlor which we named Serendipity. We quickly realized that people wanted food as well so we made Serendipity into a lunch venue.” Lorett recalls, “That’s when I got this passion for what I do. We’re all given a gift, but some of us never find it; mine was food.”

After Serendipity, Lorett and Randy bought an eight room B&B, Liberty Hall, that also housed a dining room with sixty-five seats and a bar also with a dining room. Next was 1826 On the Green; when they decided to retire they sold that business to two of their employees and moved to Beaufort where they had a summer house at Land’s End for twelve years. Although Randy has remained in retirement, Lorett still had the itch and they bought the property at 1635 Paris Avenue, restored it and opened this restaurant. As the only person cooking in the kitchen, Lorett says, “I’m a one girl party!” and laughs.

Ranked #1 in 2016 on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Port Royal, it’s clear that Lorett knows what her customers like. “It’s all about the customer; people in the service industry have forgotten that. You need to do everything for your customer.” And she has it absolutely right, from the starched white table cloths to the menu, the service, and the presentation. The dishes are artfully layered or decorated, sauces are swirled and fanned. “When you get a present, if it’s just in a bag, it isn’t as exciting as if it’s wrapped in pretty paper with bows. I believe that people eat with their eyes first.” So Lorett prepares for them a dish that is that is presented like a gift.

In addition to all the above reasons for choosing 1635 On the Avenue, is also one of great significance, and that is the value. You can have a cup of soup and a baguette for $6. The small plates, starters and salads range in price from $7 to $14 and the most expensive item on the full dinner menu is $24 for the Rib Eye Steak which is a 12 oz. steak served with caramelized onions and mushrooms, and comes with a salad, your choice of a rice cake or roasted potatoes, and fresh sauteed vegetables. The pasta dishes can be ordered as a whole or half portion and are served with a salad. And yes, you can order bread with your pasta. A favorite, Fried Catfish is a filet served over smoked Gouda grits, finished with creole gravy and Andouille sausage ($18); Lorett says “This dish is the perfect marriage between smoked grits and fish. People say we have the best catfish they’ve ever had.” But don’t overlook the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and other assortment of seafood dishes, as there is something sure to please every palate.

Open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00. Reservations preferred, so make yours now.

story by mary ellen thompson

photography by paul nurnberg

You fantasize about it, you know you do. You sneak a peek at the dessert menu before you order dinner, hoping you’ll save room for that dessert. Lick your lips right now; you are a grown up. You can order dessert first and finish up with a salad or a shrimp cocktail, or just have a second and maybe even third dessert. Go ahead, who cares? My grandmother did it – she ordered a banana split for dinner in a restaurant somewhere outside of Chicago in the 1960’s. I still haven’t forgotten that dinner; she demonstrated such daring, such je ne sais quoi.

What Chefs Beth Shaw and Gary Lang have on Breakwater Restaurant and Bar’s dessert menu will leave you with the same lasting memories. Well, not just the dessert menu, but everything. Be forewarned: if you absolutely love a burger, do not order the Pimento Cheeseburger made with wagyu beef and pepper bacon unless you are prepared to be totally spoiled, and we don’t even have to mention those skinny little potatoes fried to perfection. But here is the hint for those on a diet: skip the bun and eat the fries to your heart’s content. One bun equals fries which is a very decent, if not decadent, trade. Trust me on this.

Summertime is a fun time in the imaginations of Shaw and Lang. There are specials galore starting with cocktails. If you have martini madness then a Sparkling Pomegranate Martini should be on your bucket list: Tito’s Vodka, POM Wonderful, Taste of Florida Lime juice, triple sec, fresh orange juice, and Marquis de la Tour Rose. A very popular concoction is The Prohibitioner which is made with Gentry Bourbon, house-made brown sugar simple syrup, orange and cherry bitters. If you might have the teeniest of sore throats, the Prohibitioner is just what the doctor ordered. (Put some in your flask just in case.)

Behind the bar, Amber, Jen, Sean and DJ are responsible for thirteen tasty creations on the specialty cocktail list. And there are other special cocktails on certain nights; one evening a certain Beaufort mini-celebrity was spotted consuming oodles of the Georgia Mule which is bourbon, rhubarb simple syrup, peach jam and ginger beer served over ice in a chilled copper cup. Fortunately, he lived within walking distance.

So after you’ve had your cocktail and started dinner backwards with with Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie, or Panna Cotta Topped with Kettle Corn, turn your attention to the Southern Fried Shrimp appetizer with the most delicately battered local shrimp you will ever sink your teeth into, or the Tuna Tartare that aficionados will not let Chef Lang take off the menu.

Feeling the need for something green? Butter Bean Hummus with grilled pita, and  those bright green castelvetrano olives mixed with feta will do the trick. Or you can take the more traditional approach (if you must) and have a salad; your personal trainer will be pleased with you. Try the Butter Lettuce Salad with bacon lardons (who can resist bacon?), Clemson blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, tossed with southern buttermilk dressing. Don’t drool yet, this is just the beginning!

Summer dinner specials, in addition to the regular menu, are Monday night: moules frites, Tuesday: tacos, and Wednesday: tapas. The tapas include one nightly special and three items from the regular dinner menu that are served in slightly smaller portions. First is Blackened Mahi/aligot potatoes/wilted spinach/ deconstructed crab beurre creole. Next is Scottish Salmon/pan seared/sautéed kale/sea island red peas/quinoa/ sauce vierge. The third is Lamb Meatloaf/aligot potatoes/haricots verts/crispy onion strings/bacon tomato sauce. Who can choose?

Because sometimes, in the summer, our appetites are a bit less in the heat, or we are thinking about how we look in that bathing suit, the good news is that there are also several small plate dinners on the menu. Not to worry if you are as hungry as a bear, you can still order from the main dinner menu and content yourself with Grilled Filet/cauliflower chèvre puree/roasted shallots/green beans & asparagus succotash/wild mushroom & truffle sauce.

You will be happy to know that Breakwater Restaurant and Bar sources as much as possible locally; all seafood comes from Sea Eagle, the vegetables and fruits come from local farms, and ninety-eight percent of the food comes into the kitchen in ingredient form and is made there.

Go ahead and put this magazine down for a minute, before your fingertips get too sweaty, and call and make your reservation for dinner, 843-379-0052. You can make a reservation for the main dining room, or the wine room. Think about all your friends who have invited you for dinner and with whom you need to reciprocate and just go ahead and book the wine room for twelve people. You can close the curtains and pretend it’s your own private club; or you can eat, drink, be merry and be seen. Choose your guest list carefully. In your own little enclave you can order from the menu, have a private wine tasting, discuss and create your own menu with the chefs, make up a specialty drink with your name in it, the possibilities are endless. You didn’t want to have all those people to your house and have to cook and clean, you know you didn’t.

Or, just go and sit at the bar or at one of the high top tables where you can chat with people nearby, drink in the aromas, and take a peek at the tasty creations available for your choosing. Remember that there is a Breakwater Restaurant and Bar in Greenville SC as well.

story by carol lauvray     photography by paul nurnberg

Looking for a delicious change of pace for breakfast or lunch instead of the usual fare? Then Lazy Susan’s Café & Creperie in the nearby Habersham community may be just the place you’ve been searching for! Nestled among the shops and restaurants in the quaint town center, Lazy Susan’s offers its signature crepes—very thin, light and airy pancakes—wrapped around a wide variety of savory and sweet fillings to satisfy every palate.

Signature Crepes

From menu favorites like the number-one-selling Huevos Rancheros crepes (jalapeno, sausage, bell peppers, avocado, egg, pico, and cheese, topped with a fried egg) and the French Englishman (tomato, bacon, cream cheese and egg), to newer offerings like the John Wayne (black forest ham, cream cheese, jalapeno and tomato) and the Vegetarian Rainforest crepe (bell pepper, mushroom, onion, spinach, tomato and pesto), these delicious crepes will tantalize your taste buds! Lazy Susan’s owner, Marine Captain Phillip “SUSAN” Goebel, says that he likes to give his crepes fun and interesting names, like the James Bond, Paris at Noon, and The Old Forge, which is named after his family’s creperie located in Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

But don’t forget dessert! For those who want to indulge their sweet tooth, try one of the sweet crepes—the Turtle (Nutella, caramel, sliced almond and sea salt), the Snickerdoodle (butter, cinnamon and sugar), the Honeymoon (Ghirardelli dark chocolate, whipped cream and almonds), or Carolina Summer (blueberry, chocolate, glazed pecan and whipped cream), to name just some of the possibilities! Your kids will love Lazy Susan’s too, where they can choose from these Kids Crepes selections—Pizza, Banana Crunch, and P, B & J.

Gourmet Coffees

And for coffee lovers, Lazy Susan’s serves its own special blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan and Honduran coffees, which soon will be sold as whole roasted beans at the restaurant so patrons can enjoy brewing it at home.  Phil says Lazy Susan’s blend, with its light roasted beans, is actually stronger and has more caffeine than darker roast coffees. The café also serves Ethiopian and decaffeinated brewed coffees, as well making all of their coffees using larger ground beans and a French Press, for those who prefer a more intense, full-flavored coffee experience. And you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee at the café in Le Creuset serve ware in colorful Marseilles Blue, Flame Orange or Cherry Red.

Weekends at Lazy Susan’s

Weekends are special at Lazy Susan’s—that’s when the café features one of its most popular dishes, Red Pepper Biscuits and Gravy. Be sure to come early to get yours, because the café sells out of it quickly on Saturdays and Sundays—it’s not offered during the week and you can’t call ahead to order it, so you’ll just have to get up early! Another popular feature at the café is the special Mimosas—8 ounces of champagne and orange juice, with just a splash of Grenadine for sweetness, served in a 12-ounce Pilsner glass. Phil, who used to bartend when in college, created the café’s signature drink, which happily is available every day the café is open. He notes that a traditional Mimosa is just 5 to 6 ounces, so you get a lot more to enjoy at Lazy Susan’s!

The café also celebrates the Habersham community’s First Friday (of the month) Habby Hour from 5 PM to 7 PM with specials. Recent offerings for the monthly event included cheese and chocolate fondue, a triple-decker grilled cheese, and a tomato-basil soup bread bowl. Plans are in the works for a Valentine’s Day Dessert Special at February’s First Friday Habby Hour, so mark your calendar now!

Winter Panini Specials at Lazy Susan’s

This winter, in addition to crepes, you can enjoy these features:

• Paris at Midnight Panini—Ham, Swiss and, Dijon mustard

• Green Goddess Panini—Avocado, spinach and pesto

• Caprese Panini—Tomato, mozzarella and balsamic glaze

• Pizza Panini—Pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara

• Sweet Bananas Panini—Bananas, Nutella and sugar

Winter Drink Specials

• Pumpkin Spice Latte

• Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

• Hot Caramel Apple cider

A Neighborhood Connection and Welcoming Atmosphere

Aside from the mouth-watering food and drinks, what makes Lazy Susan’s Café and Creperie a special place?  It’s the friendly atmosphere and staff who warmly welcome patrons. Phil and his staff personally greet folks when they enter the café and engage them in conversation—it’s more like a neighbor saying ‘hello’ than the owner of an establishment. Phil says that the Habersham neighborhood is very supportive of the businesses in the community and that it’s easy to get close with customers who patronize his café. The ambiance of the café welcomes guests too. It’s a cozy, comfortable space painted in warm yellow tones with turquoise accents—and filled with homey touches including a coffee-cup chandelier overhead. Phil has decorated the café with his personal collection of military photos and mementos as well. A Marine F/A-18 Pilot with VMFA (AW)-533 at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Phil, who has been deployed to Middle Eastern countries several times, greeted me for our interview in his leather flight jacket and uniform. He said he was leaving afterward to do training on a flight simulator and had flown a couple of days earlier, but emphasized that he would love to fly every day if he could.

Phil is quick to acknowledge his café staff, comprised almost entirely of Marines’ wives, for their outstanding work and support. “My staff has done an absolutely phenomenal job since we opened the café in July 2014, running the business in my absence for nearly a year while I was stationed at Camp Lejeune. Lazy Susan’s would not be the success it is now without the dedicated folks who work here,” he said. “They are amazing people, and the reason people return again and again.”

Coming Soon!

What’s next for Lazy Susan’s? Phil says he’s planning to expand soon into the mobile crepe-cart business at festivals, farmers’ markets, receptions, parties and showers. “I want to be able to bring Lazy Susan’s food to my customers wherever they are,” Phil exclaimed.













Chic, cozy, and casual all at the same time, Breakwater Restaurant and
Bar is a restaurant where you can go dressed in shorts and flip flops,
or your little black dress and pearls, and be equally comfortable. Not
only is the vibe fun and welcoming but the food is also exquisite,
mostly because Donna and Gary Lang and Beth Shaw’s dedication to
excellence rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s passion for Manolo Blahniks.

Want a fancy dinner? Done. Want to celebrate a special occasion?
Done. Want a private dining room surrounded by 1300 bottles of fine
wine? Done. Want to grab a bite and a beverage and walk out the door
without breaking the bank? Done.

You can choose between sitting at the bar where you’re likely to
strike up a conversation with your barstool neighbor, or at a high top
table in the bar where you can survey the scene, or at a cozy table in
the room in front of the bar where you can whisper, or in the main
dinning room. Don’t forget about the wine room which seats up to
twelve and you can show off your party animal for all the bar to see,
or close the drapes and make everyone wonder what you’re up to, or
just be private.

Now that it’s summertime, Breakwater has, in addition to the
regular menu, weeknight specials that are not to be missed:

Monday – moules and frites, or steak and frites (in case your
multi-linguistics are on the fritz, moules is French for mussles,
frites is French for fries)

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday – chef’s choice of tacos

Wednesday: Farmers Market Menu – 3 courses based on what’s fresh and
exciting from the local farmers market, plus the added bonus of 1/2
priced wines

Thursday: Thin Crust Thursday – a choice of flatbread pizzas. (Sigh, yum.)

Can’t choose which suits you best? Try them all, it’s a great way to
spend the summer.

On weekends, the restaurant still offers all the seasonal choices
that make your mouth water. Need comfort? Order the Southern Fried
Chicken served with red skin mashed potatoes, haricots verts and cream
gravy. Seeking your seafood fix? How about the Southern Fried Shrimp,
Spicy Southern Calamari, Blackened Mahi, Fresh Catch, Pan-Seared
Scottish Salmon; or the Diver Scallops which are pan-seared and served
with creamy chive and corn risotto, basil and mint pesto, and
watermelon radish.

Or maybe you’re just in the mood for something light – like the
seasonal salad and lamb chop tapas. Don’t try to tear this page out
and eat it – make a reservation.

Of course the wine, beer, and cocktail selections are extensive
and interesting, so if you’re just there to socialize, order a glass
of wine and try the Pimento Cheese Plate for a nibble.

If all of this isn’t enticing enough – the food is locally
sourced and ninety-eight percent of it comes into the kitchen in
ingredient form and is made there. Gary Lang describes it as a “from
scratch kitchen.” He continues, “Our sauces aren’t roux and butter
based, they are made from stock reductions and we make our own stock.”
Now we’re approaching healthy and natural and local. Local sourcing
relationships are such an important part of the economy and the
ensuing enjoyment of the food itself, as well as a matter of pride to
the restaurant and the supplier alike.

Enough about the food for now. Let’s talk about the dynamics.
Three business partners for fourteen years, and best friends to boot.
How does that work? Gary and Beth are the chefs, Donna’s forte is the
business side as general manager. Gary grew up in Gainsville, GA where
his mother owned a deli that grew into a catering business. When he
was in college in Atlanta getting his degree in real estate and urban
development, he worked as a waiter at Steak and Ale, then at Gregory
Scotts which was, he says, “When I got the bug, it was during the
blackening craze, and the food was not only good but creatively

Originally from Birmingham AL, Beth started out with a degree in
civil engineering, but knew she wanted to go to culinary school so she
took the money she made from engineering and put herself through
Johnson and Wales in Charleston, then went to Montana to intern. (Now
she’s putting that engineering background to good use as she’s
studying equipment repair part time at TCL because there is a lot of
equipment in a restaurant kitchen.)

Donna was living in Atlanta, Gary was in Memphis, and one weekend
when he came to visit, Donna took him to an open house for the
culinary program at the Art Institute of Atlanta. They moved up their
wedding plans, took off on their honeymoon and Gary enrolled in the
culinary program; “At 35, I was the oldest one there.”

When his program was finished, Gary and Donna started to look for
a restaurant on the coast, found Bistro on West Street in Beaufort and
bought it. Meanwhile, Beth finished her internship, wanted a job in
Beaufort and knocked on their door. She started out making salads,
became a line cook, second sous-chef, and sous-chef in rapid
succession. Then she became their business partner and it’s been a
relationship that works beautifully for all of them.

When in the kitchen, Gary and Beth draw on their upbringing for
inspiration. The fried shrimp recipe comes form Gary’s mom; the
pimento cheese from Beth’s mom. They have taken the traditional
Southern food that we all love and made it lighter and healthier,
without sacrificing any of the flavors. And then there is the
selection of desserts which are always something that cannot be easily

There are some favorites that never seem to leave the menu, or if
so, for very long. One of the most popular choices is the tuna
tartare. As a matter of fact, Gary says this is a dish that is just
popular nationwide. He wasn’t planning on putting it on the menu in
their Greenville restaurant but people insisted. The recipe has been
through a few incarnations with the tuna being paired with a soy based
glaze, avocado, or Thai chili sauce at one point. This is the
description currently on the menu: “Tuna Tartare (based on
availability) sushi grade tuna marinated in a house made volcano
sauce, lime, green onions, wasabi pistachio puree, pickled cucumber &
ginger salad, wonton crisps.” How could you resist?

Wander on in, look for a seat at the bar, or make a reservation,
and have a lovely evening; just reading the menu is indulgent as you
can almost feel the flavors tease your palate. Enjoy!

Breakwater Restaurant and Bar: 102 Carteret Street, Suite 102,
Beaufort SC 29902

(843) 379-0052   www.breakwatersc.com

story by mary ellen thompson     photography by paul nurnberg

Down the street and around the corner, in a renovated old house nestled in the trees in historic Port Royal, is the neighborhood gem – MoonDoggies Cafe and Grill.
Owners Jeff and Dawn Harris’ vision is to present a high quality product with old family recipes served in a casual environment. To this end, they source most of their ingredients locally and thereby support other Beaufort businesses. Jeff comments, “We are not a five star restaurant with five star prices, but our food is right up there!”
Their mouthwatering menu features appetizers, soups, salads, a superb selection of sandwiches for lunch, and the dinner menu is accented toward seafood but includes some very fine steaks and pasta as well.
Although the actual MoonDoggie was Jeff’s beloved Weimaraner, who is immortalized in the mural in the front dining room, the menu sneaks in some references to the nostalgic era of Gidget and Moondoggie from the movies. Gidget’s Grilled Salads offer a choice of Caesar salad or mixed greens with a selection of cheese toppings and either: thinly sliced grilled chicken breast, six spicy grilled shrimp, grilled or blackened Mahi fillet, eight ounce NY strip steak grilled and sliced, or grilled and sliced Portabella mushroom.
There is a tempting selection of homemade Big Kahuna’s Desserts, and the Lil’ Surfers  menu is for children.
When Jeff bought the building in 2004, it was an old house and needed nearly a years worth of renovations. He thought the front dining room should have a mural, so the walls are painted with a dark sky and lowcountry images, including the dog sitting under a full moon. The back dining room is quite interesting architecturally and actually almost has a surfer sort of vibe to it. All wood, made from reclaimed railroad box cars, with a porch wrapping around the exterior, and a high ceiling, it has a distinctively different feel to it, almost like being outdoors. This is where the music happens on the weekends when Jeff and friends play guitar on Friday nights and John Sheppard plays the piano on Saturday evenings, both nights between 6:30 and 9:00.
Whether you are enjoying the weekend music, or dining during the week, you will probably try the crispy fried pickle chips as an appetizer since they are one of the signature dishes here. If you’ve never tried fried pickles – welcome to the South! Served with two dressings, ranch and horseradish, these chips are a wily and tasty bit of ingenuity. Jeff tells the story of how they came to be on the menu; MoonDoggies’ opening in 2005 coincided with the Port Royal Soft Shell Crab Festival. The Boars Head sales rep asked Jeff if he would consider serving fried pickles made from the Boars Head garlic dill pickle. Rising to the challenge, Jeff concocted a Cajun inspired seasoning made with seventeen secret ingredients that coat the slices of pickle before they are fried to crispy perfection. The rest, as they say, is history and they are a much loved item from the menu.
In addition to the crispy fried pickle chips, luncheon appetizers include crab cakes, coconut shrimp, and roasted red pepper artichoke bake. The salad choices are numerous but if you are a sandwich person, you’ve come to the right place! Thirteen sandwiches, not including what you can arrange from the deli offerings, make choosing just one a bit of a dilemma, however you can always order one (or more) to go; bodacious reuben, lowcountry po’ boy, spicy shrimp burger, and fabulous frank, are just a few.
Although the dinner entrees include such scrumptious seafood offerings as Mahi, shrimp, oysters, flounder, and tilapia; filet mignon, rib eye and NY strip steaks, as well as linguine provencal, the crab cakes are perhaps the piece de resistance. Fashioned from another family recipe, lump crab is used to make the cakes and they are served with a house made remoulade sauce. They can be ordered as an appetizer, in conjunction with any of the steaks, or as part of the seafood feast which includes grilled or blackened Mahi, five spicy grilled shrimp, five fried oysters, and the crab cake; all the dinners come with a dinner salad, a choice of: baked potato, French fries, seasonal casseroles, or pimento mac and cheese, as well as bread. A feast indeed!
Dawn is always searching for new and enticing recipes, she is the queen of the soups, casseroles and desserts. The desserts are not to be missed – you can select from homemade pies, cheesecakes, puddings and whatever else she dreams up. It may be wise to first ask what is for dessert and plan your meal accordingly! This fall she has created a roasted butternut squash soup and a pumpkin spice cheesecake among many other things.
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and then dinner is served between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. Wine and beer are offered; carry out orders are welcome, and don’t forget the music on Friday and Saturday nights. The entire space is available for rental and will seat about 50 people and parties of up to 24 can be accommodated in one dining room.

Story by MARY ELLEN THOMPSON   •   Photography by PAUL NURNBERG