Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Tidal Wave Auto Spa, created by Scott and Hope Blackstock, started in the Atlanta area in 1999 with a 5-bay self-service wand wash station and later evolved into the first express car wash that revolutionized the car wash industry. Tidal Wave’s signature model was located in metro Atlanta, and its success with the public attracted visits from industry insiders from across the country. Tidal Wave’s founders had traveled across the southeast researching ways to improve the industry.
Following their initial “wave” of success, Tidal Wave Auto Spa expanded throughout Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Alabama. Fast, efficient and friendly service and sparkling clean cars make their loyal customers their best ambassadors. “Our fans are passionate about Tidal Wave!”
Tidal Wave Auto Spa Team
Joshua Gainey found his way to Tidal Wave Auto Spa while living in Florence, SC. “I was a customer long before ever working for the company. I loved the car wash so I bought the monthly membership,” laughed Joshua. After falling in love with the Beaufort area, Joshua and the Tidal Wave team decided it was the perfect time to open a new location on Lady’s Island.
Joshua is continuously impressed with the Tidal Wave company structure. “Our structure from top to bottom has a family run company feel to it,” remarks Joshua. “It’s not a corporation where you never meet the CEO. In fact,” he continued, “our CEO is one of our biggest assets in the company. He will give you his cell phone and the shirt off of his back if you need it.”
There are so many great reasons to wash your car with Tidal Wave Auto Spa.
They are green! They have built-in technology that recaptures the water and recycles it to minimize waste. While washing your car at home uses on average 93 gallons of water, Tidal Wave Auto Spa uses just 32 gallons per car.
They are clean, and they aren’t just talking about the cars! They take pride in their communities and are focused on maintaining attractive, clean locations.
Their people are yet another reason Tidal Wave Auto Spa stands out among the rest.
Their team members are friendly, caring, responsible, and highly competent. Team members undergo background and drug screen checks before being employed by Tidal Wave Auto Spa.
Possibly the best reason to visit and support your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa is their on-going commitment to their local communities. They offer fundraising opportunities for schools, churches, civic groups, sports teams and more.
In fact, their “giving back” extends well beyond Beaufort County lines as well. Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s founders work closely with organizations that serve children and adults with developmental disabilities, as they themselves have a child with special needs. Through Charity Day and additional giving, Tidal Wave has donated over one million dollars to special needs programs from 2000 to 2017.
When you bring your car to Tidal Wave Auto Spa on Lady’s Island, you not only leave with the comfort of having a spotless car, you also drive off knowing you have helped the planet, as well as those on it. It doesn’t get much better than that!
Joshua wanted to say to the people of Beaufort County, “thank you for your support! Our customers are some of the friendliest that I have ever dealt with in my life.”
Stop by to meet Joshua and his team at 9 Sam’s Point Road, Lady’s Island. You can learn more about Tidal Wave, their Unlimited Wash Club membership, and their community involvement by visiting them online at or by calling 706-938-0991.