Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Discovery Map®

World traveler, independent publisher, printing broker
and marketer turned franchisee…
Daria Carver Paterson added Discovery Map® of Beaufort
to her existing publishing portfolio.
Having lived at her family’s home in Saint Thomas, producing traveler magazine ads, maps and TV spots for the tourism industry since the 70’s for the U.S. Virgin Islands and for Saint Barth, Daria has always focused on what a visitor needs… it’s in her blood. “People don’t travel to stay in a hotel…. they need to know what to do and where to go, and most of all – they want to plan their stay.” As a 16 year Beaufort resident, Daria Carver Paterson, has helped locals and tourists discover Beaufort with her original Beaufort Visitor Map Guide and Smart Shopper Map.
But in 2016 she purchased a Discovery Map® franchise, realizing this was the absolutely best way to put her talents and hometown quite literally on the map!
Daria first learned of Discovery Map® via the owners of Discovery Maps® of Canada, the Caribbean, Charleston and Maine. “After doing my own research, I could see why it would be a smart business move for me. There’s really nothing like the Discovery Map® in our market,” said Daria. Adding, “From a work perspective, owning a Discovery Map® franchise made sense, as I was already in touch with many of my clients due to my other publications. So, having a Discovery Map® in my tool chest provided an additional resource to court advertisers.”
“Beaufort is a city that shows up on pretty much every top 10 list for best places to live in South Carolina,” said Paterson, who in addition to her Discovery Map® of Beaufort, has recently returned from a successful sales cycle for the 2018-19 Key West Discovery Map®.
She added, “Beaufort has also become a popular tourist destination for visitors both on their way to and from Charleston, Hilton Head and Savannah. People love our map because, up until three years ago, there really hadn’t been a map guide for visitors or locals that clearly shows the many fun things you can do in Beaufort and the lowcountry and how to find them from their location. My map is offered in 14 South Carolina welcome centers, including Parris Island, as well as nearby airports, every hotel and nearly 250 other locations and growing every day.”
The print run for her 2019 Discovery Map® of Beaufort’s edition will be 200,000 copies.  There are over 150 Discovery Map® destinations worldwide, with 11 new territories coming on board this year, so she’s also got her eye on other locations for future maps.
Beaufort’s Discovery Map® is the most successful lowcountry area map to date and also offers proprietary geo-location services for people downloading the ‘To Scale’ Map on any device and across all platforms. Now when they want to visit a business on the map they will be able to see directions and distance from their location.
But, Daria isn’t just all about maps. She is a world-traveler– enjoys learning French and other languages. Having spent a lot of time in Morocco living among the Berber tribes and searching out the ancient jewelry of the Sahara Desert, Daria has always had a passion for North Africa. She lives with her husband Tom, a retired Landscape Architect, who helps out keeping tabs on sales and by making sure their map racks stay full and clutter–free.
Get your business on the Map! Businesses interested in advertising in the 2019 Discovery Map® of Beaufort can contact Daria at 843-441-1922 or…. to make an appointment. Sales are in full swing now and space is limited. For more info visit to see how the fun digital map works! Here you can also listen to Mayor Billy Keyserling’s  travel podcast all about Beaufort in about an hour. Cool!