Tuesday 19 February 2019
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White Kitchens are White Hot! Distinctive Granite and Marble

story by andrea antunes mcgilton

White motifs continue to dominate kitchen décor and Distinctive Granite and Marble now offers a new white quartz product that has taken the lowcountry by storm.

Called PolarStone, this quartz surface stone   requires virtually no maintenance and mimics the look and feel of classic marble.

“PolarStone has really enabled homeowners to have the white marble-look kitchens they want,” said Anneli Badenhorst, project manager at Distinctive Granite and Marble’s new Beaufort showroom on Burton Hill Road.

Distinctive is the lowcountry’s exclusive distributor of PolarStone and has seen it explode in popularity since introduced last year.

PolarStone has established itself as a revolutionary new product that combines the timeless beauty of marble patterns with quartz surface technology. The stone shows three-dimensional marble veins that change in shape, color and size throughout each slab, while achieving the identical natural translucency of marble.  The enduring spirit and beauty of white Italian marble, like Carrara and Calacatta, is flawlessly captured in PolarStone.

With an option that offers easy maintenance, white stone surfaces are increasingly popular, used to create modern, clean, open spaces that reflect natural light and provide a subtle background for art and furnishings.  White can be used to create kitchens that are modern, traditional, transitional or sophisticated. White kitchens are classic, they defy trends, and they are the perfect backdrop for punches of color or a mixture of styles.

Today, the desire for the elegance of classic white marble, once avoided in many applications, can now be satisfied without reservation.  PolarStone marries the aesthetics of marble to the surface performance of quartz.  It is resilient against scratches, stains, chips and heat, and requires very little maintenance. Traditional marble colors beyond white are also offered.

In their quest to use extend creativity in white kitchens, local designers are often opting to use white-on-white, mixing tones, textures and finishes of multiple white products within the same space.  A stone can be finished in two to three different ways to create sophisticated and subtle differences that make a big statement about attention-to-detail and individual creativity.  White bath countertops can coordinate with white tiled floors, stone shower walls and borders in a sophisticated neutral palette that encompasses tones, textures and varieties of white products.

Beyond white, for the slightly more adventurous, charcoal greys, neutral pastels and tinted whites are attractive alternatives.  In fact, grey and silver-grey granite are now considered neutral since they pair easily with white and accent colors.  Grey can be “cool” or “warm” depending on its tone.  Grey is now a timeless kitchen and bath choice that is never outdated.

The big story here:  the options for stone use have never been more exciting or unlimited for renovations and new construction.  Even a small budget can allow new countertops or accent stone that can make substantial visual impact and provide practical upgrades.  A visit to Distinctive Granite and Marble will open your eyes to the world of possibilities available within every budget.

     *** Andrea Antunes McGilton is sales manager at Distinctive Granite and Marble, the company founded by her father, John Antunes, over 30 years ago.  Distinctive has showrooms in Hilton Head Island, Riverwalk, Beaufort and Pooler (Savannah).